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2023 Bronze Utilities and Telecommunications


Agency: Wunderman Thompson

Client: Samsung Europe

Entry Title: Powering up the passion. PPX

Executive Summary

The smartphone landscape had shifted; the recession made customers more cautious with their spending, and the threat of them switching to competitor brands had grown. To adapt, Samsung needed to update its strategy to build and preserve a lasting relationship with users.


The team devised a three-step plan to tackle the problem.

First, a pivot away from simply talking about products and features in emails, extending reach beyond the point of sale to drive satisfaction, retention and repurchase: more emotionally compelling, more fun and more helpful.

Second, a focus on customers’ passions, driving experiences that showed the true potential of customers’ Samsung phones in ways that inspired customers to do more of the things they loved, like photography, gaming, music and wellness.

Third, data fuelled power-up moments to boost engagement and fire the relationship. There was a dynamic flow from day one across Samsung's European markets, designed to inspire and reward customers for progressing their passions.

Other activity included JICMAIL and MOSAIC data analysis to reveal the engagement power of door-drops: a focus on sales performance overall, not just coupons.


Working under Samsung’s mantra ‘Do What You Can’t’, the aim was to help customers do more of what they loved. That meant repositioning content to focus on customers’ passions and using data to keep the connection engaging.

Smart data use delivered the right tips to the right inboxes. A fresh catalogue of how-to content presented Samsung phones as tools for exploring passions. Content ranged from tap & learn, snackable lessons to long-form articles, and even masterclasses from influencers and brand partners.

Competitions encouraged customers to try their new skills and share the results on the Members app forums for a chance to win tailored prizes. The campaign also featured instant gratifications, with exclusive discounts, partner offers and giveaways.

More personalised content was created, including six-month surprises, boosts to battery life based on phone performance, suggestions for extra products and accessories, and more.


The campaign made a statement about the value of using passions to connect with customers as part of a broader email strategy.

It saw more customers engage with content that recognised their passions, including a 506% incremental email clickthrough uplift, and a 264% boost in customers attracted to and returning to explore their passion in the Samsung Members app.

There was also an 11pt increase in NPS from Members versus non-Members- and a repurchase rate uplift of 127% from those actively deciding to stay with Samsung, rather than switch to a competitor.

The Team

Wunderman Thompson: Bob Udale, Strategy - Amanda Pearson, Client Leadership - Kaidi Adamson, Client Leadership - Paul Snoxell, Creative - Chris Jones, Creative - Kell Lunam-Cowan, Creative - Bryan Riddle, Creative - Sandra Hiralal, Creative - Lisah Gorasiyah, Creative - Roz Macaskill, Creative - Steve Richards, Data - Satvir Mundi, Data

Samsung: Ihab Moawad - Cathryn Lodwidge - Sophia Atkinson