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2022 Gold Out of Home


Agency: RAPP

Client: Samsung Consumer Electronics

Campaign Name: Samsung Galaxy Watch4 UK launch

Campaign Overview

Samsung wanted to communicate the benefits of the new Watch4 and show people how they could have a holistic overview of their health by being able to measure body composition and biometric data.


Research showed that 74% of the nation was feeling stressed. In a category obsessed with tracking athletic performance metrics, the team focused on the wellness benefits of monitoring - and ideally reducing - stress levels through exercise.

Samsung wanted audiences to be aware of the Watch4 benefits, and help those who were feeling lost, anxious and unhealthy after lockdown, while also boosting Samsung sales and market share.

But the brand faced a fundamental challenge: health monitoring was a core message to convert consumers, rooted in real health data to showcase the Watch4 capabilities.

Further insight showed that physical activity has a huge potential to enhance wellbeing; even 10 minutes of exercise per day can reduce stress and anxiety and prevent the development of mental health problems.

Towns, cities and counties were encouraged to take each other on to see where was the fittest, powered by data.


Strava data was used to identify popular running routes throughout the UK. This informed where to place digital posters, turning them into personal coaches that were fuelled by real-time activity data. The executions encouraged and motivated communities to keep exercising and ultimately help to reduce their stress levels.

Data was updated constantly, creating 79,410 data-driven versions of out of home marketing, tailored to the location and latest activity of the challenge. Samsung also teamed up with grass-roots sports clubs to track their core data from the Watch, and turned it into social ads to demonstrate the power of the product.


Over 230,000 participated, covering 69 million kilometres between them: an average of 301.65km each.

During the campaign period, Samsung brand preference jumped from 53% to 60%, and market share grew to 25.9% - 12% pts higher than previously seen.

Using live data to power 79,410 bespoke out of home and targeted digital communications across the country, the brand was able to get Britons on the road to mental and physical recovery as the country came out of lockdown.

Stress and anxiety dropped by an average of 30% in those who participated in the campaign activity, proving that data has the power to influence healthy bodies and minds.

The Team

RAPP - Al Mackie, Chief Creative Officer - Gabby Ludzker, CEO - Caroline Parkes, Chief Experience Officer - Hiten Bhatt, Head of Design - Jason Cascarina, Deputy Executive Creative Director - Sid Gordon, Creative Director - Kat Bain, Managing Partner - Jamie Marks, Group Account Director - Lloyd Nicholls, Account Director - Amy Bedford, Programme Director - Jeffery Osbourne, Head of 3D and Motion - Courtney Stewart, Senior Account Manager - Dave Willis, Senior Copywriter - Luke Clark, Senior Art Director - Lionel Cull, Senior Designer - Stephanie Bryan-Kinns, Designer - Abigail Fisk, Designer - Esther Howard, Strategist - Joe Hoppard, Strategy Partner