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2018 Gold Best use of experiential


Agency: OLIVER

Client: Barclaycard

Campaign name: Monkey Business - Fraud Fighter Tool

Campaign overview

When monkey business fought consumer fraud

The brief

Driving consumers to a new Fraud Fighter Tool to save £10bn per year.


Online fraud costs people in the UK £10bn each year through scams such as phishing and pagejacking. Barclaycard created the Fraud Fighter Tool to help people protect themselves. The challenge was to engage consumers in a very dry sector, comms needed to be something special.

To make matters trickier, most people just don’t believe fraud can happen to them – so apathy was a big problem. “Engage then educate” was the chosen strategy to encourage the audience to act, and the campaign was a playful spin on fraud.


Barclaycard engineered an experiential stunt using fake gorillas at a zoo to surprise an unsuspecting public. The stunt was the genesis of a wave of content that brought the integrated campaign to life, from social media to inserts.

During the zoo takeover, actors in highly realistic animatronic suits waited for people to walk by then began aping human behaviour, such as playing cricket or sharing a latte.

The performance drove home the campaign theme: “If only all fraud was this easy to spot.” The resulting assets drove people to visit the Fraud Fighter Tool to protect themselves from fraud.


The campaign beat all targets and became one of Barclaycard’s most successful pieces of social content ever, with more than seven million YouTube and Facebook views within a fortnight, and over 12 million in total against a target of nearly nine million.

The work also achieved “best in class” status for ad recall resulting in a 2100% increase in people using the Fraud Fighter Tool.

Campaign video


OLIVER - Paul Turner, Creative Director - Magnus Thorne, Creative Director - Rob Kavanagh, Executive Creative Director - Ben Dearlove, Executive Producer - Katerina Malivitsi, Account Director - Ed Howarth, Managing Partner

Adjust Your Set - Tom Booth, Producer

Barclaycard - Claire Hoey, Head of Content Marketing - Hal MacDermot, AVP Digital Content - Alex Naylor -Paul Alexander - Andrew Hogan - Dan Sector - Ross Riley - Kathy Childs - Elaine Moran - Daniel Mathieson - Adam Lee - Rosecoe Bowman - Laura Shuck - John Skinner - Nicole Gronland - Lauren Andrews - Jason Fixon - Rebecca Kozlowska - Alex Boyle - Matthew Harris - Adrian Tite

OMD - Kat De Keyser - Jong-Tack Kim - Andrew O’Flynn - Anisha Doshi - Simon Pearce - Erol Ramadan - Rhian Feather - Anna Potselueva - Mohamed Jhummun

AKQA - Ross Winterflood - Patrick Lendrum - Hari Bajwa - Alexis Myers

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