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2017 Gold Best use of mail



Client: Fiat

Fiat Spider Autogazzetta

Campaign overview

Inspired by the original Italian 1960’s Fiat Spider, the launch for the newest Fiat 124 Spider had to pay tribute to its heritage.

A step back in time to 1960’s Italy - on paper – did just that.


Research revealed the market for sports cars in this price range was hugely cluttered. Krow had to find a way to bypass consideration of the rival marques completely.

The team identified an attitudinal target who they named 'Generation Me' because they were all at a stage in their lives, pre- or post-family, where life was all about them. Their car choice was not going to be driven by practical needs, instead they were looking for a car that was going to emotionally satisfy them.

Understanding this about them allowed Krow to unlock the culture and style that is evoked from Italy in the 1960s; cool, confident and liberated.

The target audience also had a decidedly old school media approach to getting their car information. They read and subscribed to car magazines, looking to trusted big-name magazine reviews to make their car choices.


To demonstrate the Fiat 124 Spider's sports car heritage, a heritage many of the competitors lacked, Krum created a replica of an actual 1960s magazine featuring a glowing review of the original Fiat 124 Spider.

The team used AutoCar articles and photography for their 1960s Fiat 124 Spider review, re-designing, laying out and printing the magazine in exactly the same way it would have been done in the 60s, with paper stock evocative of the period. Each line of copy was manually crafted to evoke the typesetting style of the period.

The first half of the magazine showed the 1960s model, transitioning in the centre spread to the new Fiat 124 Spider, using content that showed how the new model was the inheritor of the legendary mantle.

The result? An authentic piece of motoring memorabilia to sell an authentically stylish Italian sports car.


2221 DM packs were mailed out at a total cost to client including artwork, postage, print and image usage of £18,741.

As a result of the campaign, 40 Fiat 124 Spiders were bought resulting in £781,800 in sales and 20 other Fiat models were bought resulting in £228,305 in sales.

Hence a 2.7% conversion to sale and substantial ROMI.

The fact that an alternative Fiat model was purchased by some recipients after receiving the DM promoting the flagship vehicle in the range, shows the magazine was a piece of communication that re-connected people with Fiat as a whole.


Tristan Marshall (Creative) krow - Ed Shore (Creative) krow - Nick Hastings (Executive Creative Director) krow - Mark Reeves (Print Production) krow - Emma Christmas (Senior Account Director) krow - Rosie Morahan (Senior Account Manager) krow - Mark Coldham (Project Management) krow - David Brady (Typographer) krow

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