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DMA Awards

The DMAs reward the people who are brave enough to be scrutinised. It’s not just about the big idea and the clever awards film. It’s about the insights, the clever use of data, the craft, the exceptional ROI, the work that pushes our industry forward.


Webinar: DMA Awards - Unplugged

A little hesitant when it comes to your DMA Awards entry? Watch this webinar for top tips on completing the entry form and crafting a winning entry and #DareToBeJudged.

Lecturers invited to judge DMA Awards 2019

Ian Bates, Awards Talent Hub Chair, announces that the 2019 DMA Awards will include judging places for senior lecturers from the education sector.

The DMA Dozen

Further to our shout out for 12 talented individuals, we've sorted through all of the applications and have selected the DMA Dozen

What's Next? 2019: What they said

Miss out on 'What's Next? 2019'? Take a look at this snappy video to get a snapshot of what was said and what went on

Notes from: 'What's Next? 2019'

Miss out on our ‘What’s Next? 2019’ event? We’ve got you covered with a few notes and need-to-knows from our forward-thinking speakers to keep you in the loop.

Data driven direction for award winning submissions

Scott Stockwell explores just how reliable the creatives and suits reviewing your best and brightest work are. Is there a ‘code’ to crack for a winning entry? Scott employed IBM’s Watson to delve into the winning entries - here's what he came up (hint: there are some secrets to success).

DMA Awards winners 2018

The DMA Awards winners have been picked on, picked over and eventually picked out by the DMA judges. Your guide to the Golds, the Silvers, the Bronzes and, of course, the Grand Prix winner.

DMA Awards Judges 2018

Here is the list of our esteemed judges for 2018 who judged across 4 days and 35 juries including our Grand Prix panel.

DMA Awards Shortlist 2018

The DMA Awards judges, the toughest in the business, have spoken.