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Thoughtful Marketing: Tips from Brands that Stand Out


The DMA is known for its consumer-centric values, so it likely comes as no surprise that we’ve teamed up with the Thoughtful Marketing Movement to create a new category that commends just that. Charlotte Langley, Brand and Communications Director at Bloom & Wild and Chair of the Thoughtful Marketing category, has shared advice from organisations on how to market sensitively and tells us what businesses have caught her eye – and why.

The Thoughtful Marketing community has grown to over 130 brands that have a genuine desire to put their customers first. What are some examples that stand out?

Langley said that they’ve seen a few nice things, adding the first time Bloom & Wild had an opportunity to speak to their members after they signed up, was during the pandemic.

  • Pasta Evangelists, a handmade pasta delivery service, have reduced their emails, responding to the fact that people are quite bombarded and overwhelmed by information.
  • My 1st Years, a shop with personalised baby gifts, have taken their commitment to parents very seriously, partnering with brands and influencers to help create content that can keep their kids entertained.
  • Astrid and Miyu, a design jewellery destination, created a closed Facebook community and invited their loyal/VIP customers to join for sneak peeks of new collections, exclusives, focus groups, and more.
  • Bloom & Wild have put blank postcards inside their orders, so that those receiving flowers can keep the chain of thoughtfulness going.

“Rather than about advertising or pure communications,” Langley explained, “it's about what you can do to build relationships with your customers in a way that’s genuinely beneficial for them.”

Members of the community have shared how to respond thoughtfully to the lockdown. What are some of their tips?

  • Tailor your content to keep your messaging thoughtful
    With many people furloughed or their jobs made redundant, reactivation activity and pay-day campaigns aren’t as appropriate now. You don’t need to pause all communication or promotions, but take the time to decide how your business can align with your customers’ current needs.
  • Figure out how your brand can be useful
    What can your brand share that’s useful at this time? Tie it back to what you do and your values, so that your organisation has the authority and knowledge to pass it along. To inspire their audience to get creative while at home, Bloom & Wild launched Flower Hour, a digital fortnightly flower arranging class.
  • Help customers support the wider community as they shop
    Businesses lucky enough to continue trading during this time can introduce ways that allow their customers to make a difference each time they shop. Support a cause that aligns with your brand’s and customers’ values; make giving back simple.
    - Pasta Evangelists are donating £5 to Age UK for every pasta care package sold.
    - My 1st Years have partnered with The Trussell Trust to raise funds for families living in poverty; they’re also donating 10 meals to hungry children for each order placed on their website.
    - Bloom & Wild are donating 15% of profits from their Florist’s Pick sales to the National Emergencies Trust, so far raising over £100,000.
  • Lead by example by being generous towards the people working hard to keep us safe
    In addition to helping your customers support the community, find ways your business can do the same. Explore how you can use your resources: provide supplies, offer bigger discounts, or donate. Each week, Bloom & Wild take nominations for key workers to receive free flowers; from March to June, they also gave over £2.5m in discounts to frontline workers.

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Discover the DMA Awards here or email for information on entering. Explore previous campaigns that worked; work that changed lives; work that changed the way we think. Entries close on Friday 18 September, 2020. Our early bird deadline has been extended to Friday, 14 August, so entrants have more time to submit their entries at the lower fee.

You can sign up to join the Thoughtful Marketing Movement at

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