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DMA Awards Judges 2018

Here is the list of our esteemed judges for 2018 who judged across 4 days and 35 juries including our Grand Prix panel.

DMA Breakthrough Award finalist teams announced

Edinburgh College steam ahead in this year’s Breakthrough Award as it’s announced that the 3 finalist teams are filled by their students.

DMA Awards Shortlist 2018

The DMA Awards judges, the toughest in the business, have spoken.

DMA Awards: Make your awards entry fly webinar on demand

Hear from the famously unimpressable DMA Awards judges about what really does impress them when it comes to your Awards entries. Warning: contains hints, tips and insider knowledge that could turn you into a DMA winner.

DMA Awards 2018: Client roundtable

Are industry awards rewarding? Do they really create business uplift? Or bring new talent beating a path to your door? To get the brandside perspective we gathered some of the UK's leading senior client marketers to gather their perspectives on the rewards of awards.

DMA Awards 2018: Entry pack

A downloadable guide to help you get the best out of the DMA Awards this year. With hints, tips, advice and inspiration, this is an everything-you-need-to-know entry pack that will be your faithful friend all the way through to Awards night itself.