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Your Call Is Important to Us: A Podcast Series


‘Your Call is Important to Us,’ a podcast series by the DMA’s Contact Centre Council, promotes the value of the contact centre within a business by commercialising and humanising it.

Aiming to identify, shape, reinforce, and share best practices, learn what works from hosts’ and guests’ experiences, as well as keep abreast of trends to see where the industry is headed.

Dive into discussions, the latest news, myths debunked, and everything in between.

Episode 1: Coronavirus’ Impact on Contact Centre Technology

Host: David Freedman, CEO, Confero Contact Centre and Confero Workspace

Guests: Nerys Cornfield, Director, Injection Consulting, and Danny Singer, Founder & CEO, Noetica

Hear how the use of new technology in call centres has helped transition people to home and remote working during the pandemic. Our guests will discuss the broader trends and changes that have been seen and explore what challenges may remain.

Analise the issues surrounding data security, and the potential risks keeping compliance officers up at night.

Listen to episode 1 of the podcast, here.

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