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Would you eat insects for dinner? ...no? We think you will be soon.


The way we cook, eat, buy and store our food is undergoing radical change.

Emerging technologies, from the Internet of Things to augmented reality, present us with endless possibilities to improve the way we produce and cook our food. But without good design, these will only ever be possibilities. To bring this technology into the home’s – and the hands – of everyday people, it has to be tailored into people-centred products and services.

And that’s where Designit comes in.

How might we introduce alternative foods such as insects into the Western diet – to eat and to grow?

The concept of eating insects isn’t new at all. On a global scale, these protein-packed bad boys have been an important part of the diet for millennia. Really, Western cultures are just late to adopt this food trend.

But they’re not just good for you, they’re good for the environment. The amount of red meat we consume in the west is an ‘environmental nightmare’, and as population increases, it’s simply unsustainable. Eating insects isn’t so much a trend, as a necessity. The opportunity lies in making insects socially acceptable in the West, to eat and to grow.

It’s about a potential new Western culture of insect eating and breeding. … There is a great variety of food on our planet that we rarely consider.

- 'A Kit To Grow Bugs At Home, To Eat', FastCompany

Want to know more about the future of cooking?

Read more or about eliminating waste. Or how about growing your own veg? (No green fingers required!)

Or check out the full booklet to learn more about the change drivers and opportunity spaces around the future of cooking, and see some Designit initial ideas.

Or even shape the future of cooking?

Let’s work together to shape the future of cooking. To learn more about the future of eating insects, get in touch with Katrine Rafn Knudsen. And for business enquiries, drop Mikal Hallstrup a line.

For more information contact

Mikal Hallstrup
Founder, Global CEO, Designit Global
Mobile: +45 28 44 71 20

Originally published on Designit.

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