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Everyone is always talking about how people are bombarded with marketing messages throughout their day. We know that if you want people to even notice your message, let alone engage with it, then it better be damn entertaining, interesting, relevant or timely – or all of these.

That’s what advertising agencies always strive for, something that stands out.

Relevance is usually the key to this. A relevant message about a relevant product from a relevant brand is far more likely to attract the right attention than anything else.

So if the best communications have those three levels of relevance, how great would it be if you could have five levels?

“Timely in-context messages that unlock relevant offers and helpful information for shoppers based on their location and behaviour drive deeper engagement, advance the path to purchase and inspire loyalty.”Mobify

Here, Mobify is talking about push notifications. As implied in the quote, this simple channel gives rise to two new levels of relevance; in a relevant place and at a relevant time.

You may have mastered your messaging and your brand so where do you go now? You master context, a new element which will completely revolutionise advertising. And you can do this with push-notifications.
Where your audience is and when they’re there has a huge effect on what thoughts are going through their minds and how likely they are to buy or engage.
For example, someone currently looking at your window display is probably thinking about buying. There’s still a bunch of hurdles they have to get past to justify a purchase though.

  • Is this the best deal they can get?
  • Is it going to take too long to get fitted?
  • Should they get a cheaper/lower quality alternative?
  • Should they get a more expensive/higher quality alternative?
  • What will their friends think?

But now you can send them dynamic messaging to help them make a decision.

Sounds pretty powerful, right? And that’s without even mentioning the fact that 100% of your audience will see your push notifications because they appear on their phone. Whereas countless people will walk past your poster without looking at it, even if the messaging is perfect. Push notifications are one of the sole channels where total reach is actually total reach.

But how do you actually use push notifications? It’s not as simple as throwing some money at a TV, outdoor or whatever owner. You have to have some sort of digital system in place (that usually involves the customer having a certain app installed on their phones).

iBeacon technology, such as Live Beacon is a great way to do it. It’s a universal app which loads of brands are using so it’ll be on a bunch of people’s phones before you even begin. Basically everything is already set up so you really don’t have to do a whole lot to start benefiting from the power of push notifications.

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