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There is a real beacon buzz in the air as talk of how beacons (portable and wireless bluetooth enabled devices) will revolutionise proximity marketing communications over the next few years.

A few of the UK’s leading high street retailers had began trials in-store, Tescos, Waitrose, Asda and John Lewis all launched trials in 2014 however were all met with very challenging technology issues before a full store chain roll out could be implemented.

Live Beacon’s are a cost effective and affordable marketing format that is a re-usable investment for content delivery as you are able to simply move the devices to the required location and of course update the content URL via the cloud management portal.

The exciting technology behind Live Beacon enables you to track and measure interaction and remotely update the Beacon’s content via the cloud portal. When a smartphone or tablet comes into range, the free Live Beacon app receives the signal and triggers a notification, informing you that a beacon is nearby and to engage with it’s content.

With this new and innovative proximity marketing product solution available it is essential to realise how a simple and straight forward Live Beacon can transform the way you engage and interact with your target audience. This much less intrusive physical-digital format allows you to gain the attention of your audience in the right place and at the right time.

Live Beacons are a fantastic method for retailers and brands to engage and interact with their shoppers and enrich the customer experience. Whilst customers are on a mission to shop, Live Beacons allow them to receive relevant contextual content to enhance their purchase experience.
Live Beacon helps deliver a personalised, location specific experience to your target audience. Once your audience have downloaded the Live Beacon app they are entering into a new and exciting proximity experience, enriching their knowledge of your products and services and delivering a convenient time for you to engage and interact with them.

Discover more at http://amstore-innovation.com/ibeacon

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