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What does Brexit mean for the marketing industry?


The EU referendum results are in and the UK has decided to leave the European Union (EU). The transition away from the institutions of Europe we have been working with for the past 40 years will take time. How long exactly will depend on our nation’s politicians to confirm the finer details of our departure from the EU.

The UK will remain an EU member state for the next two years at least while we negotiate our exit, this process will formally begin with triggering of Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union expected in the Autumn once a new prime minister has been appointed.

Although the final consequences of Brexit remain unknown, UK companies trading with EU citizens must continue to respect their rights. The DMA Code remains the best guide for UK marketers to ensure they are putting the customer at the heart of their organisation, building relationships based on trust that benefit both the business and the customer. The UK wants to continue trading with the EU, so our data protection law will need to be broadly equivalent to existing legislation and strike the right balance between the right to privacy and economic growth.

All existing legislation and regulations will remain in place despite today’s result, until the UK Parliament chooses to amend or repeal them. The DMA will continue to take a pro-active role in both London and Brussels over the coming months, discussing the issues that matter to our members. We will also continue to play an active role in FEDMA, to ensure the UK marketing industry’s voice is heard in Brussels throughout.

The UK is a world leader in digital and data-driven business, driving both the job market and economic growth. To continue to lead in this global industry we need to sustain our recruitment of talented developers, creatives and data analysts. We have a wealth of talent and STEM skills in the UK already, but need to ensure our industry has the talent it needs in the future.

There will be lots of questions over the coming weeks and months. The DMA is here to provide help, support and guidance to our members as we get more clarity on the implications of leaving the EU. So if you have any concerns about what Brexit means for the marketing industry or your business, please contact your team at the DMA.

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