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What do you know about proximity marketing?


Proximity Marketing solutions can be implemented using different technologies such as iBeacon, RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, Mobile Browser, Digital Point of Sale and Wifi Hotspots.

Proximity marketers can send useful and contextually relevant content and information to a mobile device that automatically appears when the person is within a close proximity of a venue, location or product. This enables brands and companies to digitally engage and interact with nearby customers.

The most modern form of Proximity Marketing technology is iBeacon. This works through the use of Beacon hardware and a mobile App. When a bluetooth enabled device comes within a vicinity of a beacon (which is constantly sending information), the mobile phone detects that there is a beacon nearby, and the App receives the beacons data signal and presents the content on the smart device.

Key uses of proximity marketing include
•major retailers encouraging customers in store to enroll in their loyalty programmes
•hoteliers informing guests of onsite events
•restaurants engaging with customers sending daily specials menus
•airports providing maps and local tourist destinations to new arrivals
•trade shows interacting with visitors and advertising their brand
Prime proximity locations are shopping centres, retail stores, trade shows, exhibitions, museums, restaurants, festivals and any areas where customers are likely to spend time around viewing and engaging with products / items.

Proximity marketing is about engaging and interacting with your target audience at the right place, at the right time with personalised and relevant marketing messages and product information & content.

Live Beacon can gain the attention of your target audience whilst combining the physical and digital worlds.

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