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Value of Data: The Happening


Take a look at what happened when we examined the conditions and contradictions of the digital economy and turned theory into practice.

The Happening gave participants the opportunity to start engaging with organisations from a very practical level from the conceptual to how to start tackling business problems through the Value of Data campaign.

We asked what the value of data to the market is as well as to the individual and how this affects us ethically and legally.

The event brought to life the idea of data in the self and the ethical frameworks of how we use data.

Attendees were in an environment with fellow like-minded peers and had the chance to talk and think more broadly about the implications of data, AI and technology.

The props and tools used allowed attendees to think more deeply about what’s going on as the value logics get played out. Lectures and workshops are unable to do that, but events like this can.

The evening was made up of three tableaus in which humans, digital and data were viewed to flow in different ways to provide value.

Participants were invited to immerse themselves in a digital experience which ultimately challenged their values and thinking.


Firas Knaisser, Chair, DMA Scotland

Alex Hutchinson, Delivery Director, Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF

Roger Halliday, Chief Statistician and Data Officer, Scottish Government

Gillian Docherty, CEO, The Data Lab

Dr Ewa Luger, Chancellor’s Fellow in Digital Arts and Humanities

Ed Child, Head of Enterprise Data, Studio Retail Ltd

Prof Chris Speed, Chair of Design Information, University of Edinburgh

Steve Farquhar, Commercial Director, Merkle

Jennifer Grant, Merkle

Nuala Kennedy, Chief Data Officer, Postcode Lottery

Ed Child, Head of Enterprise Data. ASDA

Howard Barber, Head of Data Analytics and Insight, Golden Charter

Derek Lennox, Head of Data Governance, Sainsbury's Bank

Patrick Harvie, MSP, Scottish Government

Oliver Masting, Head of Dynamic Advertising, Amazon

Shirley Marland, Voice of Customer Manager, LNER

Natalia Mavrou, Manager, Deloitte LLP

Find out more about our Value of Data campaign here

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