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Top Tips for Making a Successful Call


Having invested in data, identified the correct decision makers and finally got past the gatekeeper, you have created a valuable opportunity that can’t be wasted. What is more, you can’t afford to impact your brand reputation by leaving a poor impression or wasting a senior person’s valuable time. The art of phone engagement is heavily reliant on delivering information the way others need to receive it – it isn’t easy! Confidence comes from knowledge, rather than instinct alone.

In this era of hyper-informed customers, it is not enough to simply rely on business reputation; a pre-call plan must be created to ensure your call makes a real impact and the proposition you present stands out in a competitive marketplace. Preparation will not only allow you to combat customer resistance but also turn these negatives into more engagement opportunities to reassure a customer and align them with your solution and value proposition. We shared our top tips on getting the best return on your activity through dedicated preparation. The next step is to transfer these insights into manageable action points during a phone call, from your opening objective to steer the call in the right direction, to the closing and nurturing stage to reinforce your business proposition.

Telemarketing does have the potential to take a cold call right through to a tangible lead and beyond, but it isn’t easy; it takes skill and good preparation. Pre-call preparation or training can enable any salesman to approach a cold call with the confidence and knowledge to engage effectively. View our infographic for our top tips on what to include in your pre-plan structure and how to conduct yourself during a phone call with a potential customer.

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