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The Objectives of the Contact Centre Council


The event had expert speakers talking about the new PCI Standard (v 3.0), The Vulnerable Initiative, GDPR and a Case Study looking at maintaining regulation in a live Contact Centre.

With so many changes to regulation happening that impact Contact Centres this was a great kick-start to the agreed purpose and direction we have agreed on as a council:

“We are the DMA Contact Centre Council. Actively seeking to identify, reinforce, share and shape best practice”

We are currently focusing on the core hubs below to deliver this objective. We would love to hear your thoughts and would welcome your contribution to any of the hubs..

Our Vulnerable Hub:

"When the DMA launched it's free training materials for handling calls with Vulnerable consumers, we asked co-author Elaine Lee of ReynoldsBusbyLee, to deliver the training to our fundraisers in Watford. Our fundraisers were inspired and grew in confidence about how to handle telephone conversations with donors who were identified as being in a vulnerable circumstances. When we acquired a second site in Bedford without hesitation, we again booked Elaine to deliver the training to our new team.

The impact of this training is clear - confident fundraisers delivering a better donor experience through sensitive and personalised approach. Our clients are delighted with the results."

Richard Hill, Managing Director DTV Optimise

The much praised and high profile Vulnerable initiative was predominantly borne from two dedicated members of the Contact Centre Council (Elaine Lee and Jacqui Crawley). The taskforce continues and the Contact Centre Council have a Vulnerable hub headed up by Chris Stransom from Age UK. The Vulnerable hub will continue to work alongside the Taskforce to support this valuable initiative.

The objective of this hub is to:

Ensure that Contact Centres benefit from clear guidance about how to marry commercial and customer experience objectives with recognise and treat vulnerable customers appropriately.

Our Regulatory Hub

We are in the wake of fundamental regulatory change that will impact both outbound and inbound campaigns/services. In view of this our Regulatory Hub will continue to work closely with Ofcom and the ICO to ensure the Council and its members are at the forefront of understanding.

Our Guidance and Best Practice Hub

With the changes to regulation, a channel engagement strategy which continually evolves, and a revolution happening in Contact Centres the Contact Centre Council want to ensure DMA members, and the wider contact centre community have unambiguous, highly regarded guidelines that focus on best practice (Guidelines plus).

PR & Promotion

Making sure that initiatives within contact centres are shared within the DMA contact centre community. Understanding best practice and promoting the value engaging fully with the contact centre will bring to any brand or marketing campaign.

If you would like to be involved in any of the above initiatives we would welcome you as a guest to the monthly council to discuss further. If you are interested in becoming a council member, getting involved in one of our hub’s or being a guest please contact Lizzy on or call on 0207 291 3382.

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Thanks Nerys - it was a great event and one I would have wanted to attend if I wasn't presenting! We mustn't forget the enormous contributions of Sureya Landini at Blue Donkey to the Care Initiative - (co-authored the training materials and hugely passionate about this issue during her time on the council) and Chris Stransom at Age UK (who ran trial training sessions with Jacqui to gauge the draft materials and where any amends were needed). 

Whilst we have made huge strides there is still so much to do and Jacqui and I would welcome any new input to the Vulnerable hub and taskforce so if you are interested please do get in touch.