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The GDPR â Week #6 - Seek and Thou Shall Find


The GDPR is potentially confusing, with no shortage of people offering to make it all a little bit more confusing for you. So, in parallel with our 'one thing at a time mantra', it makes sense to identify useful, informed and unbiased information sources. We mentioned the ICO itself in Week #1, but if you've not already done so, have a look at the Data Protection Network's website ( The DP Network benefits from some very smart people who understand the legalities, history and practicalities of data protection in customer-facing environments. Their content is invariably useful and up to date and is relied upon by lots of experts in the field. Membership is free - and if you become a member you will also experience a wholly GDPR-compliant sign-up journey, too!

PS One task for this week is to set up a new email address (there are lots of free options with Gmail, Microsoft,, etc) and in a week or two we'll explain what to do with it

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