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Single Source of Truth


A ‘Single Source of Truth’ can be one of the most effective and efficient ways to capture, store and utilise your customer data and to maximise its value to your business.

By definition, ‘Single Source of Truth’ is a best-practice approach to data management; one that addresses a common issue of multiple records that exist for each customer and that may reside in multiple data-silos across an organisation.

Correctly implemented, a ‘Single Source of Truth’ approach to data management can deliver a consistent and non-redundant view of your customers – you will have just one, unique record for each customer that can be accessed across your entire organisation.

It is a simple concept and one that can reap many benefits, but there can be obstacles. So is it worth the effort?

To answer this question, we’ve created a FREE guide: “The Single Source of Truth”.

In this downloadable guide, we discuss the problems caused by having multiple sources of data, why this has become a key business issue and the challenges and benefits of taking a ‘Single Source of Truth’ approach.

In our guide you will also learn how Matrix Telematics reduced duplication by 97% across multiple data silos and 37-million customer records.

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