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Ready, Steady, Staycation! ParcVu Case Study



Originally named Potts Mullarkey, ParcVu has been a provider of Holiday Park software for over 35 years. With 400+ holiday parks on its books, ParcVu provides its customers with software development, customer support services and IT infrastructure services. This means that from single Park operations to the largest of multi-Park groups, ParcVu end users have full visibility and control over every aspect of their business.

ParcVu was already aware of the value of addressing software, having used it for several years. However, as the incumbent provider was discontinuing support, they needed a supplier that was responsive and would maintain the software for as long as was necessary. Hopewiser fitted the bill having supported clients since 1982, some of whom still work with very early solutions.


Address and postcode verification software is integrated into the booking system and within the caravan sales and prospecting processes. End users have the ability to choose this integration when purchasing the various components of the ParcVu system.

Holiday bookings can be taken over the telephone or via the end user’s website, therefore address verification needs to be available via both platforms and all details need to be captured correctly to ensure a smooth booking process.
In many cases, Holiday Parks offer the sale of caravans and it is vital that all address details are correct in order to comply with legislation, contracts and pitch licences.


ParcVu chose Hopewiser’s cloud solution, Address Lookup. This was seamlessly integrated and gives ParcVu the flexibility of purchasing bundles of clicks for end users via an online management tool. It shows detailed reporting of each Park’s usage and has an auto-renewal capability, so managing the bundles is easy to do.


“Having an address lookup facility on the Park’s website is expected by the consumer these days. It not only looks much more professional, but customers want the ease of just putting in their house number and postcode. They want speed, accuracy, and a better user experience. But that is not all, another key reason for accurate address capture is to ensure the smooth process of selling caravans.

“We have found that if the address contains even just a small error, when applying for credit for a caravan purchase, Credit Agencies will reject the application, this can result in the Park losing out on tens of thousands of pounds of revenue – due to just an error on an address!

“Using Hopewiser’s Address Lookup ensures that all address details captured are matched against Royal Mail Postcode Address File so we know this problem can be easily solved.”

Andy Cressey, National Sales Manager, ParcVu.

The Future

Many caravan parks have been using the lockdown period to re-assess their business and update their processes wisely. They want to make sure they have got the right processes in place to optimise on how they can recoup lost revenue. Making sure their customers have a good experience, whether that is booking a holiday home or buying one, is paramount to the future of the parks.

This has proved to be an opportunity for ParcVu Systems with Hopewiser’s Address Lookup integration, to offer a seamless experience for their customers.

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