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Pull 2015: The (Beta) Internet of Things


A deconstructed discussion on the Internet of Things, following LBi's Simon Gill at Pull 2015

Advertising? It's not about advertising ideas, but ideas worth advertising.

One of the things that makes us human is the ability to change. We use technology to change.

There are more than 15 billion connected devices. How many are connected by marketers?

You have seen the first internet-connected devices. Devices that are internet connected are now somewhat yawnsome.

In the 1990s Bill Buxton investigated video conferencing. He asked why, say, the door being open or closed relate to your availability. However, we no longer have doors in an office.

Durrell Bishop developed a concept of an answerphone which released a marble when you had a message. Then someone built one.

Take something intangible and turn it into something real. Digital elements are becoming physical.

Kevin Kelly's new rules for the new economy.

Bill Buxton's Long nose of innovation. Much of the work on IoT has already been done.

With IoT you need to look at what happened before. Look at Kickstarter - it’s already littered with IoT devices.

Connected devices are here. Philips Hue lights, Bang and Olufsen, smart meters from British Gas, used for predictive modelling so the energy providers can better plan their buying.

Google's Nest fire alarm and thermostat. Nest CEO Tony Fadell - connected homes will not be ‘jetsons-like’.

The smart fridge - its a bad idea solving the wrong problem. You have to input your food.

Do we need self-ordering ketchup?

I like the idea of doing things remotely.

There are applications of data, like diet, sleep, stress and so on that could be applied even to make haemorrhoid cream more digital.

Cereal Killer Cafe : we buy experience over ownership. For older people, ownership was about status. My dad said, “the guy with the most toys wins”.

Today, it’s all about experience. Could I bring my preferred settings with me when I visit my parents? We need to think about how IoT will work for us.

How can the increasingly popular idea of connected experiences generate greater sense of relationship with things?

Look at Citymapper - it adds value, uses real time data etc. We need to start embracing the ways in which data are connected.

We need to innovate. We brainstorm what the problem is, and not push a solution.

"Each of us can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure" - Irving Wallace.

In this robotic age, the robots are better at being robots than humans.

Humans are brilliant at being humans, being chaotic illogical. This is how we should think about IoT.

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