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PROGRAMMATIC MAIL: Integrating Digital Media with Physical Media


Are you losing customers at critical stages in the buying journey? Are your response rates lower than you’d like? Could you offer your customers something during their purchasing journey that would make them more likely to act?

If you answered YES to any of these, you almost certainly should test programmatic mail.

What is Programmatic Mail?

Programmatic mail is essentially, connecting your e-commerce or web data to digitally printed direct mail delivered through the letterbox of your customers. As digital marketers, this allows you to leave a lasting impression with customers — without worrying about ad blockers, bots, fraud, GDPR or irritating user experiences, whilst delivering real-time dynamic media created and sent to their home for a seamless shopping experience.

How does programmatic mail work?

  • Customer or prospect interact with a web page inputting address details or logging in as a customer
  • This action can trigger an immediate Programmatic Mail response in just the same way as you trigger an e-mail for re-marketing
  • Pre-set templates and offer conditions plus a library of imagery are populated
  • We mail out a pre-designed, bespoke, personal communication to that customer, relevant to the visit
  • Our digital printing allows for lightning fast, personalised turnaround
  • The mail piece can arrive inside 24 hours – you decide when
  • The arrival of the mailing prompts reconsideration by the customer

What are the benefits of programmatic mail?

With the advent of digital printing such as the Xerox Trivor we use at First Move producing 35,000 double sided A4 pieces an hour, it’s now possible to take the email into the real world, literally. With four times the engagement, 35% response, 22% purchase, a 25X average return to ad spend with highs of 37X have been achieved.


How do I start to implement programmatic mail?

Our solution to programmatic mail is Orderflow™ – a system that develops data management, stores a library of images, variable text and templates, tests and delivers a Xerox digital print solution designed to meet your individual delivery timetables including next day delivery if required.

Through continuous optimisation and testing you can transform today’s website intent into tomorrow’s response, creating a cycle of engagement both digitally and physically which builds on your brand and sales revenue.

Now you understand the possibilities of Programmatic Mail, what’s the best way to take advantage of the opportunities it brings? In direct mail we always recommend testing…

Want to know more about how programmatic mail can help your business grow? call me, David Amor direct on 01494 885490 or fill in our online contact form.

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