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Oh sh*t! GDPR has killed my business.


Feeling light-headed while reading reports that GDPR opt-ins are typically 10% and, in some colour-from-face-draining cases, far lower?

Perhaps you’re caught in your own ‘GDPR vortex’, watching your database disappear before your very eyes. Yes, it’s real. Very real. But a surprise? Surely not.

Pleadings from yoga shops are falling on Deaf Man’s (and women’s) ears. Museums are being consigned to history. White goods suppliers are being switched off - permanently. Even some charities can’t get it right. It’s a veritable bloodbath out there.

In the post-GDPR era, it’s critical (business-critical) that you know who searches for your – or your competitors – sites and why. You then need to be able to capture their clicks and their attention through personalised content. Because once a customer is gone, they may be gone for good, with no recourse to data driven channels.

Most websites serve many different audiences. Our job is to arm you with insights about each audience group’s likes and needs. You’ll then know what you need to do to keep them engaged and listening. To add value to your interactions with them.

Our unique approach uses search analytics – yours and your competitors – as the bedrock upon which to build accurate customer personas: Panoptic Personas, we call them. Panoptic Personas enable our clients to improve search effectiveness, personalise web-content, deliver personalised and simple-to-use on and offline experiences – the basis of being a ‘Genius Digital brand’ say Gartner research player, L2inc.

Do take a look at our Panoptic Personas product overview sheet, fixed pricing and sample outputs. And if you’d like to know more, I’d be only too happy to tell. Provided you don’t try and sell me an unwanted yoga mat.

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