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Neuro Linguistic Search - Math Men meets Mad Men


At Lab, we are dedicated to putting human understanding at the heart of everything we do. One of the many ways we do this is through Neuro Linguistic Search® (NLS). In order to delve deeper into how NLS can be utilised by businesses, we decided to pick the brains of Justin Thorne, our Head of Performance Marketing. Justin will be covering NLS at our performance marketing seminar Do Algorithms Dream of Electric People on the 9th of September.

What is NLS?

Justin: The premise of Neuro Linguistic Search or ‘NLS’, is combining cutting edge technology with Neuromarketing principles to transform search and social campaigns. Think math men meets mad men, which has been used before to frame discussions around ad tech and algorithms. We love technology, it’s at the heart of what we do at Lab but we think the ‘beat’ of a high performance campaign comes from a deep understanding of human nature and what makes us tick, especially when it comes to buyer decision making.

Why is NLS important?

Justin: It’s important because at the customers’ end of all this high tech marketing is a real human being, trying to cut through the sheer volume of noise out there, even when a purchase seems pretty simple!

Also, the new wave of millennial marketers are incredible. Technology is second nature to them, multi-tasking is no longer a skill only the ladies possess and they live and breathe analytics and optimisation. What’s potentially missing, is all this wonderful stuff like creative flair and linguistics (copy) to pull at the emotions of customers and drive behavior. I’m not suggesting for a second that all millennial marketers, or ‘digital marketers’ for that matter, lack creativity or copywriting skills, of course not. But if you layer in NLP and really focus on the emotional states and how different types of people make buying decisions, you can add even more of an uplift to a campaign than just churning out the same old ads via brilliant ad tech. A really old computing term is Garbage In, Garbage Out and as someone who has worked tech side, I’ve seen a lot of brands and agencies expect ad tech to work miracles on poorly constructed campaigns with flat, uninspiring ads. And sometimes they do get good results - but with NLS, you can find out where the bar really is.

At the session, folk will see some real examples of NLS in action on real search and social campaigns. Daryll will be talking through Neuromarketing principles, or put simply, how to decode the intrinsic motives of prospect customers and how to use cognitive nudges to get them to click!

Who can use NLS?

Justin: Any brand running paid advertising in digital channels. It really is as simple as that. There are no barriers to using the best technology out there and whilst the platforms’ ad management tools like AdWords and Facebook’s Ad Manager are fine, you will genuinely get an uplift by using more predictive, agile marketing tools. I will also be talking about the functionality of some of the tools available and the opportunities for digital marketers to get better ROI from their search and social campaigns.

Find out more!

If you want to find out more, come along to our revolutionary performance marketing seminar Do Algorithms Dream of Electric People on the 9th of September.

Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology, and Justin Thorne, Head of Performance Marketing, will be sharing some killer principles to transform your performance marketing with creative insight and human understanding.

Buy your tickets

If you want to talk to someone at Lab about NLS or anything else, get in touch at or call us at 0207 183 6668.

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