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LEAD Scotland 2019


Join us at the Advertising Association gathering LEAD Scotland on 14 November at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh for the first-ever LEAD Scotland event.

The Advertising Pays report from advertising think tank Credos shows that every £1 spent on advertising in Scotland generates £5 for the Scottish economy.

That means, for the £1.7 billion spent on advertising, the contribution to Scottish GDP was £8.8 billion – representing 5.6% of the Scottish economy.

Those advertising revenues support 42,000 jobs across Scotland, including those for people involved in the commissioning, creation and production of advertising.

But the overall impact of advertising extends beyond the agencies, brands and media that make up the sector.

It powers the economy by incentivising companies to innovate and invest which results in increased choice for consumers and better products on the market. It also builds strong Scottish brands which can take root in a global marketplace and boost exports.

At LEAD Scotland 2019, you’ll hear about:

  • The current political scene, with reference to Brexit and the UK, from Philip Rycroft, Political Commentator
  • Rebuilding trust in the banking industry from Simon Watson, MD Personal Banking, RBS
  • Trust in advertising, via a panel discussion featuring our MD Rachel Aldighieri; Andrew Mortimer, Director of Client Strategy, Sky; and Guy Vickerstaf, Chair of IPA Scotland, and Creative Director at The&Partnership Scotland

If you’d like a little more insight on the event, check out this highlight film from LEAD 2019 in London.

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