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Interesting stats and targeted advertisingâ¦

The Mobile Marketing Magazine’s Mobile Marketing Live event took place yesterday and several of our Mobile and Connected Marketing Council members attended. We’ll have more to talk about next week but in the meantime, two of the presentations had some interesting takeaways.

- First was Shazam’s VP of advertising sales, Miles Lewis, with two stats: the average Android user checks their phone 150 times a day and digital native users (those born after 1990) switch between devices up to 27 times an hour! He noted that “clearly our attention spans are shrinking…”

While this seems worrying for brands that are already fighting for mind-share in our increasingly crowded and over-messaged world, this actually reinforces a point that we at the DMA have long been advising brands, which is to make your advertising targeted and relevant in order to resonate with the consumer, drive a sale and build brand loyalty.

You can read the Mobile Marketing Magazine’s take on Miles’ talk here.

- The second one to catch my eye was Facebook’s Joint Head of Sales, Claire Valoti, who talked about some of the targeting that Facebook advertising can provide stating, “the beauty of having 1.1bn users is that you can do granular targeting, but still work on a huge scale.”

With that many users, a sample profile such as iPad-owning women in the US with an interest in online gaming still totals in the millions. Additionally, many brands use Facebook Connect — a single sign-on application which allows users to interact on other websites via their Facebook account. Facebook is able to link user’s identities across these channels… so their reach for highly targeted advertising is impressive. Now, I’m not a spokesperson for Facebook but as a brand advertiser it does sound appealing to spend my budget in such a targeted way.

You can read the Mobile Marketing Magazine’s take on Claire’s talk here.

So what do you think? Are there any brands out there that want to share some great targeted campaign stories?

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