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ICO Releases Draft Data Sharing Code of Practice for Consultation


Following from the data-sharing code of practice in 2011, the ICO has released the draft of the updated version for consultation.

The updated draft code will explain and advise on changes to data protection legislation where these changes are relevant to data sharing. It will address many aspects of the new legislation including transparency, lawful bases for processing, the new accountability principle, and the requirement to record processing activities.

After the ICO’s recent clampdown on AdTech and the raft of other substantial legislation regarding data that has passed since the last regulation, there are significant changes to recommended practices of which businesses should be made aware.

Similarly, the code of practice will influence how businesses subject to ICO investigations are treated. In lieu of caselaw, recommended practices as outlined in regulator-issued guides will be the reference point for good practices.

The ICO say the code “is a practical guide for organisations about how to share personal data in compliance with data protection legislation. It explains the law and provides good practice recommendations. Following it along with other ICO guidance will help you to: manage risks; meet high standards; clarify any misconceptions your organisation may have about data sharing, and give you the confidence to share data appropriately and correctly.”

Click here to access the code. Please contact by 24 August to offer comments.

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