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How to Get Ahead in Marketing


The challenge? How can we help young talent progress in the marketing industry and get them more involved in the DMA? This autumn we beta tested a new Mentoring Scheme. 13 mentees, 13 mentors over 13 weeks. It proved to be an ideal way to nurture young people in the sector and leverage the talents of our experienced members. Both the IDM and the DMA have successful youth schemes, but the new mentoring project brings a further highly focused dimension to these initiatives.

The programme starts with a half-day workshop for mentors, followed by a speed matching session with the mentees. After that, each pair begins with a kick-off meeting to agree their objectives and how they would like to work with each other. Generally that means meeting up around twice a month, with regular updates over email or Skype. The mentors also have a monthly group call to share any challenges or successes.

Based on the beta trail, we’re pleased with the results. The biggest challenge for mentees was one of confidence. Clearly, there is plenty of talent in our young marketers, so often mentors are giving advice and support to go further in marketing - the benefit of knowledge and experience. We have some excellent mentors who can give valuable advice. The programme is led by the EmployAbility team and is a great example of how we can work across the whole DMA Group.

We are now ready to scale up our Mentoring Scheme. The next matching event will be on the afternoon of Friday 19th February. We are looking for members to get involved. If you feel you have suitable experience in the industry, then please put yourself forward as a mentor. Anyone who has recently become a DMA Advisor would be ideal. And if you’re looking to get ahead in marketing, or you know someone who would like to, then please ask to be included for the event. All you have to do is send an email to .

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