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How do you deliver your video content?


Many companies spend a lot of time, effort and money employing the services of market leading agencies to create excellent video content that is certainly impressive; however, the content is then rarely seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time and in the best possible way.

The distribution of the content (how the content is seen/received) is often underwhelming and doesn’t live up to the greatness of the content itself.

Video Content can open the door to everything that a business is about, from its brand identity through to the promises it delivers. How your content is received can be the difference between engaging or repelling a prospect.

To make an impact, content delivery should be an experience; an experience that is rich, impressive, engaging and entices your target audience to react how you want them to. It’s like the difference between watching a movie on your phone on a train or going to the iMAX. Sure you’ll see the same movie, but the experience is totally different. To help make an impact when delivering your content to your target audience, consider how your end user will feel once the content is viewed.

Key questions to ask yourself about your content delivery;

Is it unique?

Is it memorable?

Is it interactive?

Is it engaging? Will it help you stand out from what your competitors are doing?

How will they respond? What will they think?

Is it improving your brand's reputation?

So, how do you deliver your video content?

Many companies spend weeks and months carefully creating incredible content and then trip at the finish line when the content is distributed. This common mistake can be avoided, and you should consider going the extra mile when deciding how your content will be viewed and received by your target audience.

So, I ask again “How will you deliver your video content?

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