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How Direct Mail is Working for Businesses Right Now

It’s no secret that coronavirus has shaken up the world of business.

Everyone, apart from key workers, is working from home and the news is dominated by speculation on the long-term economic impact coronavirus will have on the UK.

The retail and charity sectors have been some of the most impacted as consumers can’t hit the highstreets or participate in the all essential charity fundraising events.

However, it’s not all bad news, and as we come together as a community, there are key messages and opportunities out there for marketeers and as a Direct Marketing agency, Dragonfly discuss.

What do consumers want?

According to a Kantar report, only 8% of UK consumers think brands need to stop advertising right now.

How brands are advertising during COVID-19 is changing. Budgets which were once allocated to Out of Home and Cinema are now being redirected. And this is where direct mail steps into the picture more so than ever before. A direct mail piece is the perfect advert that is personalised and mailed directly into your recipient’s letterbox.

At Dragonfly, we have seen the positive uplift from consumers now being at home more, so have more time than ever to engage with mail - in fact 99% of mail that lands through a letterbox is engaged with.

What’s the opportunity with mail?

A letter can be a welcome break from the busy digital world just now as consumers are inundated with emails and online content. Things can easily get missed online, however as mail stays in the home it can be revisited countless times, with each time prompting an action.

Mail is safe too. At a time when we are all ensuring we abide by government regulations; Public Health England have confirmed you cannot catch Coronavirus from a letter. So, with Royal Mail classified as an essential worker, they are playing a vital role to keep our community connected, and they can keep your community connected too.

Sending mail is not as expensive as you might think

To help brands, Royal Mail have launched a new incentive to help businesses communicate and reach their customers by offering some significant reductions on postage rates. Dragonfly are delighted to be working in conjunction with Royal Mail to deliver this opportunity to clients and would be delighted to help you too.

Brands who continue to engage with their customers and market themselves during difficult times come out stronger when life returns to normal, as they are in the forefront of consumers minds. And remember, there are people out who have more money for charity donations or online shopping right now because they’re not spending as much on nights out, dinners out, petrol and gym memberships.

If you would like to discuss how direct mail could help your business just now, please drop Isla a line at

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