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Halloween update: Brexit got you spooked?


The DMA’s staff Halloween party took place at the end of last week. I was told to carve a pumpkin, and so I did my best to carve the scariest thing I could think of. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s pretty bone-chilling. (It has also been made clear that I was not hired for my craftsmanship abilities).

But while the night of the 31st of October might not be as scary as having no-deal on the 29th of March, (the date when the UK is due to leave the European Union), there is plenty arising in politics to send shivers down your spine.

Chiefly, the plain fact surrounding the whole Brexit debate is that we are, at time of writing, exactly 5 months away from the Brexit date and the terms by which we will leave are as yet unclear. The 3 proposed ‘deals’ have widely differing consequences, especially for the data and marketing sector.

No-deal and the Canada+ suggestion don’t make adequate allowances for the free flow of data that underpins our sector and many others. The Chequers deal, which does have adequate consideration of the industry’s needs in this regard, looks unlikely to be able to receive parliamentary support. Click to read the DMA’s full positions on the Chequers deal, Canada+ and no-deal.

The last few weeks have seen ever more speculation about whether a Tory MP will lodge a leadership challenge and then whether Theresa May can survive such a challenge. While the end of last week seemed to see off the prospect of such challenges, this morning saw Justine Greening announce that she would throw her hat in the ring in any hypothetical leadership election, a move which will get any of the discontent backbenches rubbing their hands and grinning manically.

What’s more, Boris Johnson has received assurances from a leading Tory donor who publicly offered to fund any leadership campaign by the former London Mayor and leading Brexiteer. The question about a leadership election no longer seems like an ‘if’, but a ‘when’.

At 3 pm today, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond will deliver his autumn budget speech, which will be key in assuaging or stoking any fears regarding the government’s handling on Brexit.

One of the key policies to be announced will be the introduction of a special Brexit 50 pence coin, on which the Brexit date will be engraved. Presumably this is designed to appease hard-line Brexiteers who are afraid that the Brexit date will be pushed back. It also leaves an open goal answer to the question: how many pennies short of the pound is Phillip Hammond?

Spooky times indeed. It’s just lucky that everything else in the world is ok at the moment and that the imminent threat of climate change; the shift to the very far right across the world including yesterday’s election of a fascist in Brazil; the rise in tensions between Russia and the west; the continually and exponentially growing global inequality and the innumerable conflicts raging throughout the world were all just a bad dream I had last night… Right?

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