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Google Glass signals start of my always-on, real-time adventures

And so they arrived. About 10 days ago. Those who were there in Creative when Tess the office manager delivered the package will probably recount the story to their children and their children’s children (who will no doubt tell their children’s children).

Yes, Google Glass is in the building. And it’s remarkable how differently individuals react when their lives collide with the world’s hottest tech product.

Some gaze at it, bereft of language, as the device rests sedately in the plush white Google box. It’s as if they were staring for the first time at the Turin Shroud, Mona Lisa or that Roswell alien.

Others adopt a more dynamic approach: they grab the Glass, thrust it on their face and start barking orders at the top of their voice.

“OK Google, make me toast, er, walk the dog, er, teach me how to play the clarinet.”

This rarely works. They take them off drenched in disappointment.

Of course, there is a vital matter to be settled right here: is Google Glass an 'it' or a 'them'? Hmm.

What I’ve noticed is how many people call them Google Glasses, as if they’re oversized, super-powered spectacles to be perched precariously on your proboscis.

Such innocent individuals stand wide-mouthed in amazement when they discover the bold, unbridled future nestles in a singular glass cuboid, rather than a pair of Su Pollard’s finest.

This, to me, confirms that Google Glass is an ‘it’.

But what to do with it?

Well, that’s why we’ve got them. To explore. To delve. To dissect. To investigate. To extrapolate. To pursue. To hack.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll bring you regular reports of life in a Glass-powered world. The ups, the downs, the highs, the lows. And most importantly, the opportunities. For this is the future. On one’s face.

So away we go, brimming with the pioneering spirit. Sergey Brin would like that. In search of always-on adventures. Ready to ensnare the real-time world. Tweeting purely through the power of thought. (Just testing. You can’t do that. Yet.)

Google Glass gets people talking (other than those rendered speechless by its physical wonderousness).

My son’s told all his mates, who’ve told all they’re mates, who’ve told their mums and dads, who’ve contacted all their distant cousins. You might want to tell them someone too!

By DMA guest blogger Richard Norton, Associate Creative Director, Indicia

Read episode 2 of Richard's Google Glass adventures.

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