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Google AdWords Reset Day pulls Mobile to the Forefront

Today is the day – July 22nd the official switch over date for all Google AdWords campaigns from a legacy setting to the new Enhanced method of targeting.

The impact on mobile marketing is the most significant change.

Gone are “whale accounts” with large and sprawling, difficult to manage duplicate campaigns for mobile, tablets and PC targeted separately along device lines.

Gone is the need to “guess” budget setting for mobile based on historical data that is changing widely on a monthly basis as mobile engagement and Smartphone usage edges towards full penetration and mobile data usage charts insatiable growth.

No need to write duplicate adverts. Now write one advert and opt the creative in or out of mobile; check box style.

However, as of today improved geo targeting, a one size fits all mobile device setting, fewer intricate account settings to contend with and much improved budget setting for mobile advertising are the headline changes.

Google outline the following benefits:

  • Contextual data: device, location and time of day specific.
  • One campaign: one-time bid adjustments set for all screens.
  • Simplified reporting: Capture data across devices.

There are new opportunities for Product Listing Adverts (PLAs) on mobile, plus enhanced campaigns can be tailored to use PLAs with geo-location information to curate a local offer or promotion.

Considering cost per click (CPC) price dipped for five consecutive quarters on the reverse of eight quarters of gains the search giant has been quick to act, with mobile pricing brought to the forefront.

The move to Enhanced Campaigns using Google’s new “smart pricing” algorithm is the first step to a unified approach, with contextual rather than relative pricing, while it is also good to see Google acknowledging that mobile users don’t live in a silo but engage across devices within a federated funnel.

Overall Enhanced Campaigns are a clear sign from Google that Mobile is where AdWords dollars are to be found.

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