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Getting students into digital and data marketing


In recent years, the creative industry has become increasingly data-driven. Technology and data innovation has allowed for marketers to create clever digital campaigns that are more personal, targeted and shareable

As marketing continues to move away from its traditional approach, the digital industry has an increasing gap for those who are talented with numbers, can analyse consumer behaviour and have a passion for creative marketing. The demand for graduates with a background in subjects such as psychology, maths, statistics, computer science or IT is at an all-time high yet students with this background seem to have no idea that there are suitable roles for them within marketing.

The IDM Creative Data Academy is now in its third year of running and aims to inform, train and connect students with job opportunities in the industry.

30 specially selected students are given the opportunity to gain valuable work experience on a real-life marketing brief, visit a worldwide data marketing agency in Central London and meet industry contacts, who are looking to recruit skilled graduates.

Creative Data Academy is free for students of all years to attend and is funded by sponsorship from participating data companies. The IDM also covers all accommodation and meal expenses so that those attending can really make the most of their time on the course.

Last year’s students were working on a brief for Microsoft, focusing on a case study for the Windows Phone. The group were tasked with customer journey mapping using a SWOT analysis technique and had to provide an insight into the target consumer. Throughout the task, the students were lucky enough to be mentored by professionals from data insight organisation CACI and also met with consumer engagement agency Wunderman to explore first-hand the roles available in data marketing.

The IDM and DMA have produced a flipbook which explains to students what creative data is all about. It includes campaign examples, course details, and background information about working in this area.

The Creative Data Academy prepares students for their first graduate jobs and sets them up with the skills and insight they need to get ahead. It aims to raise awareness of the career opportunities within the data and digital field as well as introduce students to internships.

Our alumni have gone on to work for big names such as Ericsson, Barclaycard, Tesco, Capita, Dunnhumby and many more.

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