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First playable DJ pizza box


The end of August saw the launch of the first playable DJ pizza box from Pizza Hut with the help of DJ Vectra, who was the first to try it out. For a limited time, pizza fans were able to claim their DJ pizza box decks with any collection from Pizza Huts’ across the UK, with the exact locations released on their Twitter account.

The pizza box itself is battery-powered and was made in collaboration with the printed electronics company Novalia. Printed in conductive ink, the box features two decks, a cross-fader, pitch volumes, cue buttons and has the ability to rewind music. The playable DJ decks can sync via Bluetooth to smartphones or laptops with pro DJ software, allowing customers to spin out tunes whilst chomping away on a slice of pizza.

This campaign was discussed at the DMA Social Media Council in September 2016.

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