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Email marketing design & content trends 2021

Email marketers should know about the current trends in their own discipline. What is popular in newsletter or marketing email design? What is the kind of content the market ist counting on? What measures are currently performing with customers? artegic AG and saphirom GmbH work on these questions in a trend analysis.

The following trends were identified:

1. Dark Mode: In the Dark Mode, the color scheme of your email is inverted. Email marketers need to design their marketing emails while making sure that they also work in the Dark Mode.
2. Minimalism: A lot of whitespace, big colored areas and orderly arranged graphics, texts and buttons reduce the cognitive effort for the user.
3. Bold Typography: Header graphics and hero images are increasingly augmented by extra large headlines, which makes it easier to capture the key message.
4. Authentic Pictures: Goodbye stock photos. Big brands in particular increasingly count on pictures from in-house production.
5. Illustrations and GIFs: Illustrations, GIFs and a handmade design add warmth and variety to your email communication.
6. Longform Copy: You can develop close, personal relationships with your customers by using long copy texts that seem like a friendly conversation.
7. Interactive Elements: In interactive content, workflows like buying processes can be displayed without media brakes directly in the email.

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You can download the full study with mailing-examples:

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