ECRM: Tullo Marshall Warren's campaign for UNILEVER/LYNX | ECRM: Tullo Marshall Warren's campaign for UNILEVER/LYNX | DMA

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ECRM: Tullo Marshall Warren's campaign for UNILEVER/LYNX


Start and maintain an ongoing relationship with the target audience, using social media (with email and YouTube) to provide an ongoing hub for all tactical activities. Create a members-only area to reward the most loyal Lynx advocates.

Strategy and targeting
The target audience was 15- to 25-year-old males, who are known for their love of social media and sharing their views on the opposite sex. So the campaign began on Facebook. TMW took the insights that they like to feel like more than passive observers in their digital world, and craved a feeling of belonging.

The key word here was ‘social’ – everything was built around content they’d want to share. Because the campaign didn’t use any advertising, social media was vital for generating interest and awareness, and getting them to the After Hours site, where excited young red-blooded males could discover what the Lynx girls got up to during their down-time.

‘Unofficial’ Lynx fan pages were migrated to the new Lynx Facebook page, and conversations were initiated about the mating game. TMW introduced eight casting videos for the After Hours babes, and invited the audience to vote for which should be the ‘Lynx Mynx.’ When ‘After Hours’ went live, they could watch short films starring the eight lovelies.

Finally, the Lynx Mynx was unveiled, with her own room where voters suggested things for her to do. She was filmed doing the funniest (or weirdest) within 24 hours of a suggestion, with new films going live the following week. The creative team engendered strong involvement by showing the casting films, then letting the audience vote. ‘After Hours’ was a big deal for Lynx because it recognised the importance of social media in the audience’s world.

When TMW created the Lynx Lounge, it migrated 2,000 fans from unofficial Lynx fan pages to the new Facebook page. Those 2,000 fans became 20,000, all in place to receive further eCRM.

Even with no advertising, the results achieved were in the thousands. 65,000 voted for the Lynx Mynx. With a strategy based on social media and word of mouth the number of Facebook fans grew from 2,000 to 20,000 in just a few weeks, to over 100,000 fans today.

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