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DP2018: A panel on the power of putting the consumer front and centre


Fedelma Good, director at PwC, kicked-off our panel chat with the observation that, according to conservative estimates, the average UK adult as a ‘data relationship’ with over 100 organisations.

At least.

This raises the issue of how to communicate, effectively, what the GDPR means to such a data –leveraged population.

GDPR and the consumer: The role of education

Robert Parker, the head of corporate affairs at the ICO, reminded our delegates that, back in May 2017, the ICO had a key objective in hand: to increase public trust and confidence in how organisations store data.

This is important because the DMA’s own insight has shown that two out of three consumers will share data more willingly having learned about what the GDPR means.

Working with a hub featuring RBS, BBC, Dell and others – as well the creative agency, Squad – an awareness campaign around the consumer, data and the GDPR is in development.

Your data matters

The key challenge is to develop work that lives up to a “Your data matters” proposition, Robert told delegates.

The work must help people achieve a baseline understanding of their data rights: to help them take control of their data. The aim must be to practice the transparency that that we so often preach, he continued.

To help illustrate the real-life applications of these new information rights, PwC’s Fedelma Good told us how the ICO’s hub worked on creating scenarios and case studies that can inform the creative brief.

The work will eventually feature web, print, film and outdoor advertising – but it all must come together to convince brands that GDPR is truly a business transformation opportunity, the DMA’s Rachel Aldighieri continued.

Fedelma closed the session by reminding delegates that the work will be finalised soon, and it will be shared and disseminated promptly.

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