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Door Drop Board Committee round-up

As we head towards the end of 2011, I thought I’d take this opportunity to update you on the latest developments within the DMA Door Drop Council, our current projects and plans for the future. The most significant change came in May, when the DMA reformed the DMA Door Drop Council and created a new Door Drop Board Committee in its place.

Committee members come from AMRA, Carat, Letterbox Distribution, Newsquest, Royal Mail, The Leaflet Company and TNT Post, and their aim is to represent and promote door drops within the DMA and to the wider marketplace.

We have also created four working parties to help drive the objectives of the Door Drop Committee. The Letterbox Consultancy’s Graham Dodd was instrumental in setting up the working parties. The idea is that each one focuses on a specific area.

Door Drop Committee Working Parties

1. Membership, Legal and Administration
Chair, Jim Dinsey, TNT Post


  • Recruit new door drop members to the DMA through awareness and improvement of membership benefits
  • Provide and build information and statistics that best support the door drop industry
  • Support dialogue in relation to environmental issues affecting the door drop industry


  • A ‘learner’s guide’ to door drops for new users
  • A complaints charter – a set of minimum standards that all DMA members should be expected to adhere to in resolution of complaints
  • Promotion of the Your Choice preference scheme to show that the industry is actively trying to reduce the levels of unwanted mail

2. Research & Development
Chair, Phil Ricketts, Royal Mail


  • Generate and share new case studies
  • Commission unique research to provide editorial content


  • A research study in collaboration with the DMA Inserts Council into the impact of print media on online response

3. Events and PR
Chair, Mark Davies, TNT Post


  • Create content for the regular DMA Door Drop newsletter
  • Organise and market door drop events
  • Ensure door drop stories get appropriate PR coverage so that the channel remains visible to the wider marketing community


  • Thursday 10 November 2011 – joint inserts/door drop event – London
  • Tuesday 20 March 2012 – DMA Door Drop Conference – London
  • Participation in Agency Council’s ‘Go Integrated’ event – London - 2012
  • Introduction to door drop session – London – 2012
  • Regional door drop events – Manchester/Leeds and Edinburgh/Glasgow - 2012

4. Social Media
Chair, Simon Greatbatch, Letterbox Distribution


  • Manage and generate door-drop related content on the DMA website, blogs and the DMA pages on LinkedIn
  • Optimise traffic to the DMA Door Drop pages from external media channels


  • Regular critiques of door drop campaigns within social media

If you have any thoughts on the activities of the Door Drop Committee’s Working Parties then please feel free to contact the respective chairs via the DMA.

Mark Davies, TNT Post
Chair, Events and PR Working Party

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