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DMA Contact Centre Council - February

So, what were you doing last week on Wednesday afternoon?

The DMA Contact Centre Council was gathered at DMA House in a lively and stimulating afternoon along with guests from BT, Noetica, UltraComms, Jaywing, Dignity, Listen, FirstOrion, Maintel.

During the session the council:

  • Discussed and debated the meaning and implications Ofcom’s revised Persistent Misuse rules
  • Had a monthly update on the breadth of regulations that have an impact on contact centre operations – from ICO fines to Which having to apologise for marketing to prospects without having obtained their proper permissions
  • Heard from Janine Paterson, Solicitor and Legal Manager at the DMA, on the latest news on GDPR and the development of the EU Commission’s new ePrivacy Directive
  • Had a presentation from BT on their new Call Protect service
  • Started work to define what will be required in the revised Contact Centre Guide, which will need to:
    • Reflect the changing nature of contact centres – with the rise of new channels and social media, omnichannel customers, developing regulations and a changing workforce
    • Further to the Council’s mission to “…Actively seek to identify, shape, reinforce and share best practice”

If you’d like to know more about the DMA and the Contact Centre Council or come along to a future meeting as an observer, please contact Lizzie Knott-Simey (

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