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DMA Accreditation: More Than Just Membership


Becoming a DMA Member has always meant more than paying a fee to be part of a club. The DMA provides a host of benefits and services – events, learning opportunities, research and insight, access to legal advice, as well as the work from our Public Affairs team and Councils and Committees. At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to responsible marketing, enshrined in the DMA Code.

All DMA Members are assessed by our Compliance team, ensuring that they meet the standards demanded in this aspirational agreement. After a successful assessment, a new Member can then display the DMA logo.

Companies whose businesses are data focussed, such as data brokers and data owners, are often required to take a more rigourous independent audit. When this audit was first introduced, DMA MD Rachel Aldighieri said: “The updated compliance process ensures that DMA Members continue to work to the highest standards, and that Membership remains a badge of accreditation that can be trusted in a data-driven world.”

With this in mind, we have created a new logo for Members that allows them to demonstrate to their audiences their commitment to customer-first principles, protecting their brand and building trust. The logo indicates that we have recognised them as more than Members: the DMA, the driving force of intelligent marketing, has accredited them as dedicated, responsible marketers.

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