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Digital Asset Management In 2015: Where Is The Industry Headed?


As an area in which we are particularly interested, when we came across an article on CMS Wire related to the digital asset management (DAM) sector in 2015, we swiftly made time to have a read through. A number of DAM professionals were asked their opinion on what they want to see in the industry in the coming months. These were some of the responses :

Increased use of social channels.

It seems that DAM experts wants to see the sector begin to take advantage of some of the hugely popular social channels available. The use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. will help improve interoperability and communication, helping making the sharing of data between social media and DAM systems easier.

Better business intelligence.

A lot of professionals stated that they desired better business intelligence (BI) data to allow them to better understand assets and determine other factors, like ROI, from them more effectively. This relates to interoperability mentioned above as well, as usually data from assets is manually updated. With better system operability, however, this can be done with advanced systems.

Less data.

Perhaps surprisingly, DAM professionals are calling for less data – or at least easier management of data. As the industry grows along with the online world, so the vast amount of data now available is always continually growing. Big data is important, but some organisations are finding it hard to keep on top of it. This means that DAM systems need to get better at storing, compiling and archiving the information.

We specialise in helping organisation manage various assets and data sets, including documents, records and mail. Is there anything else you can think of that will help with the management of such assets in the second half of the year?

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