Data8 releases new B2B Lead Capture application that provides in-depth business profile solely from an email or a company registration number. | DMA

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Data8 releases new B2B Lead Capture application that provides in-depth business profile solely from an email or a company registration number.


The Data8 team release their newly developed, real time B2B lead capture application. The new tool goes beyond efficiency and provides information which enhances both marketing and sales strategy. It allows access to over 35 fields of information on a company, such as contact details, trading address, financial information, business size, and industry. All that’s needed is the business’ email address or company registration number entered in the lead generation form. With this minimal information, the in-depth business profile is created and automatically stored in CRM, providing the business with easy access to valuable information.

The tool is a valuable addition to the company’s existing suite of validation products, which include address validation with postcode lookup features, telephone, email, and bank validation. All are designed to save money, maximise efficiency and enhance prospect usability.

The Lead Capture application has big benefits for marketers. Having key data on businesses such as their specific industry, region and business size, provides the ability to segment and create targeted marketing campaigns. Communicating with businesses in an accurate and targeted way not only saves time but also increases revenue. The increased amount of information in CRM also allows for detailed reporting, providing marketers with greater insight upon which they can make more strategic decisions.

The sophisticated tool allows all the desired information to be gathered without the lead form becoming too long directly impacting conversion rates. The increased volume of leads means the contact database is expanded and the marketing reach extended.

The B2B lead capture tool provides data which can be used to streamline the sales process. Information such as credit limit and rating, estimated number of employees and SIC code, enables key prospects to be targeted at the point of capture. This data enables the quick and effective prioritisation of leads and allows for poor quality leads to be discarded at point of capture.

“The new tool will be of tremendous value to businesses seeking to be more sophisticated in capturing and utilising business data. The application is critical in enhancing sleek data driven systems which benefit both the prospect and the business.” Jeremy Walker- Head of Data Validation

The benefits of the Lead Capture application are not just internal, but they make the capture process for the prospect much quicker and smoother. The information provided by the application can be used to prefill up to 10 key fields in a form. This speeds up the registration process for prospects, reducing keystrokes by up to 85% and avoids manual errors.

The world of data is fast paced and in a constant state of flux. The B2B Lead Capture application ensures all data is accurate and up to date by regularly checking for any changes to businesses within the existing CRM, and automatically making the necessary updates.

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