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Customer Data Council Provenance of Digital Identity Roundtable


The idea of a “digital identity” is increasingly prevalent, especially with organisations looking to have more security around sensitive information being shared online. However, pinning down what digital identity actually is can be difficult, not least because the concept of identity itself is complex before adding the digital aspect.

The DMA Customer Data Council participated in a roundtable discussion to answer key questions around digital identity, especially considering its provenance and how it can be proved. Colin Bradshaw, Deputy Chair of the DMA Customer Data Council, opened the discussion, which included:

  • How brands are responding to the use of digital identities.
  • How the Council sees the next stages of digital identities becoming embedded into processes.
  • Potential pitfalls/perils as digital identity is built into processes and what consideration may be needed from a data governance perspective.

We would like to thank the attendees from the Customer Data Council who contributed their expertise to the roundtable discussion.

To find out more about the Customer Data Council or to get involved with their future discussions please contact the Councils team –

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