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Creative effectiveness in door drop - examples from 2018

Written by Nick Brown, member of the Door Drop Hub and Sales Director at Newsquest Direct.

Making the most of the power of multimedia campaigns

When I was asked to contribute to this item by the DMA, it didn’t take me long to identify a stand out example of how well the door drop sector was utilised.

I regularly receive door drop items but during March I received an item that really caught my attention, and my interest continued to grow well after the item was received. The item was Cushelle and was compelling for numerous reasons.


The leaflet was different. The top half was the shape of its likeable koala, Kenny, instantly standing out from the other items I had received the same week. It was on glossy paper which gave it the feel of quality, an attribute I expect the product wants to portray. The colours and the branding were instantly recognisable. I knew I had a Cushelle leaflet and its creative made me read it!


But creative is not just about the artwork. Our household, like many others I suspect, retain door drop items for future reference whether it be a boiler repair company or the local fast food takeaway. The Cushelle item was retained as it contained a voucher, providing a discount if you purchased the product. This voucher was noticeable and clear.


So the creative and the offer were so good that the Cushelle leaflet will stick in my mind. However, it was impossible to overlook the item as the door drop was only one part of this brand awareness and testing initiative. The TV campaign that ran in conjunction with the leaflet drop ensured that I was reminded a number of times of the strengths of the door drop campaign. Every time I was reminded of the brand the leaflet came back to mind along with the discount I still had to redeem.

We didn’t use the product but our household subsequently tested as a result of such a strong campaign that got us interested and then reminded us of it. It all started, centred around and then finished with the door drop campaign!

This was a really clever campaign because it simply adhered to core disciplines around creative, offer and embracing the strength of combining different marketing channels. The result, a multimedia campaign that just wouldn’t allow us to let the message slip our minds.

If you think your door drop campaign successfully highlights door drop marketing then get your entries ready for the DMA Awards 2018 Door Drop Category - entries open 2 July 2018.

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