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Creative Data Academy Applications are open!


The gifts just keep on coming here at DMA Talent and it’s still over a month till Christmas! Royal Mail have just delivered the brief for the 2018 Student Competition, the autumn series of Big Book Crit’s are going down a storm with just Bristol yet to be visited for Fresh blood 3.0 and the countdown to the DMA Awards ceremony is firmly underway with applications closing Friday 10th November. And to top all of that off, applications for the Creative Data Academy are now open!

The Creative Data programme will introduce you to the opportunities available in the fascinating and rapidly evolving data industry within the marketing sector. Skills in maths, social sciences, human behaviour, insight, technology and analysis are high in demand and if you have great analytical skills, the data industry is perfect for you.

We spoke to Scott Logie, Managing Director of REaD Group (the largest independent data company in the UK) who are sponsoring the London Creative Data Academy and here is what he had to say: ‘Over the last two years we have happily engaged with the Creative Data Academy, it’s been inspiring to meet so many engaging, intelligent students who have an interest in a career in data. We’ve also been really lucky to have been able to recruit 5 new grads as a result who are already making a significant impact on our company’.

With 5 placements being offered in two years by the same company it is clear to see the scope of opportunities available in the data industry and that the Creative Data Academy is the perfect networking opportunity.

We’ll be running 3, 3-day immersive academies in Birmingham (26-28 March), London (4-6 April) and Edinburgh (26-28 June) that will explore the scope of career paths in data available within the data and marketing industry through a range of talks, workshops, agency visits and a networking event.

Or, if you're just looking to get a taste of what working in data and marketing is like, come along to one of our new to 2018 1-day hackathon style laboratories in the spring that will be taking place across the UK in London, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Glasgow.

If the 3-day academy has spiked your interest click here to apply or if the 1-day laboratories sounds more appealing, please click here to apply.

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