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Creative Data 2018; the story so far


Creative Data exists to provide practical learning opportunities for young talent interested in a career in the data and marketing industry. The 2018 programme consists of 3 x 3 day academies and 6 x 1 day laboratories to offer over 250 individuals the opportunity to explore the role data plays in marketing as well as developing key skills and connections that will prepare them for their first role in industry.

First came the laboratory in Glasgow. This was the first of its kind on the programme where students tackled a brief using anonymised customer data provided by Sainsbury’s, with The Specialist Works and Outra assisting in pulling the challenge together.

Then, the Midlands came calling where we stopped off in Birmingham for the first academy. Throw in 30 engaged students, motivating talks/workshops and a fantastic networking event, we can safely say it was a success. Read about Ellie Mees’ experience of untangling 99 articles of densely worded GDPR rules here. It’s a positive experience, honestly.

Then, we did it all again in London.

The next stop?

Edinburgh is where you’ll find Creative Data next from 26 - 28 June. After a successful first year in 2017, we’ll be inviting another 30 students for 3 days of talks, workshops, agency visits and networking opportunities to build their understanding and importantly confidence towards the roles in industry and where they think they might fit in. They’ll also meet some key figures who will prove invaluable when they begin their job search.

Robin Huggins, Director of Academy and Client Services at MBN Solutions commented, ‘MBN Academy works with students throughout the country to inform, assist and advise on the skills that they need to transition into careers within the Data & Digital industries. DMA Talent’s Creative Data Academy is exactly the kind of forum we look to collaborate with in order to effect meaningful impact in the highlighting of the great jobs and careers available for students within the Data and Digital industries.’

He continued, ‘We are honoured to have been asked, once again, to share our unique experience of Talent Acquisition in the Data & Digital Industries and look forward to working with our DMA colleagues and the fantastic student talent who will be participating in the event.’

Gillian Docherty also returns for a second year. She said, ‘I’m delighted to be opening the Creative Data Academy in Edinburgh for the second time. The academy provides a fantastic platform for students to explore and understand how to unlock data in a marketing-related capacity; I look forward to meeting another bunch of bright students eager to contribute to the growing landscape of data in Scotland.’

Applications for the Edinburgh academy are open here until the 30th April.

We’re also looking for support for our programme, so if you’re interested in finding out more information please get in touch with Jessica Reilly.

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