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Remember that club where the rule was not to talk about it? Well, no such trouble at Copywriting Club. We love spilling the beans. Here’s a quick look at what happened at recent clubs in Manchester and our first Bristol event.

On paper there’s not much to link Bristol and Manchester. They are separated by a few hundred miles, have spawned music scenes of vastly differing tastes and the fortunes of their respective football teams differ entirely.

But they joined together under the banner of copywriting as our clubs made their way into town.

Over in Bristol we opened the doors to our first Copywriting Club in the city. DMA Awards Gold winners Tangible were the headline act as our writers listened in to creative director Jimmy Thompson and senior copywriter Clare Pavey. They lifted the lid on the creative secrets behind their “Every Man Remembered” door drop campaign for the Royal British Legion.

The Club was a great success, with everyone loving being in the company of people who share their passions for the craft.

Meanwhile in Manchester, it was the second time our Club has gotten together. Once again under the steady hand of Cube3 head of content, Dan Nixon. Having examined the north-south divide in copywriting, this time we tackled how digital has disrupted the way copywriters work, ushering in new skills and perhaps diluting old ones.

We also checked out some of the best work in the industry, including DMA Awards Grand Prix winners Proximity and their work for The Economist.

The Copywriting clubs will be back by popular demand, with Bristol and Manchester dates set to be confirmed for May.

Watch this space for more information.

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