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Cloud Based Print & Document Management Industry Improves


As specialists in this area we were undeniably over the moon to come across a report that stated the use of cloud-based print and document management systems were on the up in the UK, as reported by PCR-online. The results come from the Cloud Industry Forum and reveal that the use of such systems has increased by nearly 50% since last year alone - an astounding and highly impressive figure.

The research itself questioned 250 IT decision makers across the UK and discovered that 28% use the cloud for print and file management, compared to the 19% who said so in 2014. A further 16% also stated that they plan to begin utilising the benefits of the cloud for such practices in the near future.

This seems to prove that cloud-based print and file management is really beginning to pick up in the UK and highlights a growing interest in such services across numerous industries.

When considering document management by itself, the number of organisations using the cloud for this in 2014 was 30% - this has since increased to 38%.

We are seeing a significant amount of traffic from both public and private sector orginasaitions requesting information for our cloud based 'Hybrid Mail' technology. As stated in the report, despite cloud-based solutions being part of the IT sector "for quite some time", it is only now that it is becoming clear that businesses are "much more comfortable" with the deployment model.

The benefits of cloud-based print and document management services are that they offer the ability to better control costs and scale up or down, depending on the individual needs of a business. This means businesses can become more efficient and also ease the pressure off their IT departments.

What other benefits do you think are helping build the popularity of cloud-based print and document management services?

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