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Book Aid International Case Study: Charity concept testing examples


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At fastmap, we have a wealth of experience with concept testing, as well as testing marketing campaigns and campaign development. This case study is one of our concept testing examples. We believe that ensuring your campaigns and creatives get started on the right track is the most timely and cost-effective approach to marketing, which is why we such big advocates of concept testing.

We have plenty more concept testing examples to share but this one, for Book Aid International, is particularly interesting for charity fundraisers and marketers planning their new marketing strategies. In this case study we have four concept testing examples which we surveyed to an external market research panel. We not only discovered which marketing concept people preferred; but, through carefully thought out profiling questions, we segmented the audience and learnt which concept was the most attractive for Book Aid’s key profiles.

By the end of the project we presented the findings of our market research for each of the four concept testing examples. We discovered that, although there was one overall winner, these concept testing examples showed that different segments were likely to be keener on different campaign concepts. In this case, our concept testing also provided insights that hint at how to make the winning concept even better. Insights from concept testing are extremely valuable for organisations as they can inform many new campaign ideas across a full range of marketing channels. Although we recommend retesting concepts and campaigns regularly to keep up to date with changes in your market, by getting such detailed analysis through concept testing, our clients are often able to filter these marketing insights into their whole strategy.

If you want to learn more about this project, concept testing in general or you want more concept testing examples don’t hesitate to get in touch with David Cole, Managing Director at fastmap, on +44 (0) 20 7242 0702 or

Download the case study.

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