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Best practice : Data Management â the 2015 trends to track

Yet again big data and data management are the subjects of widespread debate across a number of industries. There’s no denying that data is hugely important to modern business, no matter what sector; thankfully there are articles penned by experts being shared and promoted everyday online and in publications on the best practices when it comes to data management.

Data management is a hot topic. We came across a useful article on the Information Management website just the other day on some of the latest data management developments to come about, and thought we’d share some of the most important ones with you here now:


When it comes to data management in 2015, it seems that location will be key. Businesses are looking for management facilities that have location-aware services in what is a globally-connected business world.


Businesses will begin expanding their data management practices by embracing both the services offered by industry giants and tier-two or tier-three options in areas like reference data management.


Surprise, surprise – mobile is going to make its mark on the data management scene as forward-thinking businesses begin to prepare for the next generation of data marketing capabilities.


Data management services will continue to evolve, meaning that businesses will need to be savvy with their budgets if they are to utilise the most up-to-date services available.


Predictive and prescriptive analytics will become more prominent as increasing data volumes, third-party and social network data and unstructured data will need to be leveraged for improved business purposes.

Have you come across any other trends related to data management in 2015?

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